Dr. Jim Constantopoulos

Professor of Geology
Director and Curator, Miles Mineral Museum
Office: Roosevelt Hall 218       575.562.2651
Research Labs: Roosevelt Hall 217 and 222

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2018 Update National Volcano Threat Assessment

California Volcano Observatory

Cascades Volcano Observatory

Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center

Global Volcanism Project


National Geographic Forces of Nature

IRIS (earthquakes and seismology)

USGS Earthquake Page

Paleomap Project

This Dynamic Earth

This Dynamic Planet


Energy and Mineral Resources

ASARCO Making Copper

Baker Hughes Rig Count

Bingham Canyon Cu Mine Virtual Tour

DOE Fossil Energy Page

DOE Energy Information Administration (EIA)

DOE EIA - Monthly Energy Review

DOE Renewable Energy

Hibernia Platform

Hubbert's Peak

InfoMine (Mining)

Bullion Desk Metal Prices

Metals Economics Group

Minor Metals (metal prices)

Western Mining History

Ore Deposit Videos

USGS Mineral Commodity Studies (Historical)

USGS Mineral Commodity Studies (Current)

USGS Minerals Information

USGS Mineral Resource Program

USGS Mineral Resources Spatial Data



Fourth National Climate Assessment

Environmental Science.Org

EPA Home Page

National Geophysical Data Center Hazards Page


Clean Water Act Analytical Methods

EPA Drinking Water Contaminants

National Academies Fluoride in Drinking Water

National Drinking Water Database

National Environmental Methods Index

Standard Methods of Water Analysis


AirNow Air Quality Index

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

National Atmospheric Deposition Program

NASA Global Climate Change


FEMA Flood Maps

Geology and Dams


USGS Soil Map

USGS Stream Flow Network

USGS Water Science

WIPP Site Tour


Population Action International

World Population Information


Geochemistry, Petrology and Mineralogy

Periodic Table of Videos


Geochemistry Web Links

Geochemists Workbench



Crystallography Open Database

International Centre for Diffraction Data

International Association of Geoanalysts

XRD Software (CCP14)

Learn XRF


USGS Geochemical Reference Materials


The Diamond Pro

Gemology resources

Meteorite Realities

Microscopy Resource Center

MSA Handbook of Mineralogy

Athena Mineralogy


Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom



Rock Thin Section Images


WSU Geoanalytical Lab

WSU Nuclear Radiation Center



Maps, Satellite Imagery and Space

Color Landform Atlas of the US

National Geophysical Data Center (mag. declination)


NASA Visible Earth



USGS The National Map

USGS The National Map Viewer



New Mexico Stuff

Blanchard Mine

Chino Mine (Freeport)

Chino Mine (NMBG&MR)

Color relief map of New Mexico

Permian Basin (SEPM)

Permian Reef

Portales City Data

Portales Climate Data

Portales Water Violations (EWG)

Oasis State Park Geology

Cyrc Energy Geothermal Project

NM Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources

NM Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources

New Mexico Geological Society

NM State Land Office

NM Energy Production (EIA)

NM Environment Department (NMED)

NMED Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau

New Mexico Maps (NETSTATE)

New Mexico Maps  (Geology.Com)

URENCO Enrichment Facility

USGS New Mexico Science in Your Backyard

USGS New Mexico District Home Page (water resources)


Idaho Stuff

Bretz and the Channeled Scablands

Digital Geology of Idaho

Coeur d'Alene films from the '20s

Glacial Lake Missoula (Huge Floods)


General Geology and Other Stuff

Debunking Creation Science

Encyclopedia of Earth

Evolution links

Forensic Geology Case Studies

IUGS Forensic Geology



Geology Online


Geoscience World

La Brea Tar Pits

Lunar and Planetary Institute (1980 Summer Intern)

Science Trends

Soil Texture Triangle

US Geological Survey Home Page


Professional Societies

American Geolosciences Institute

American Nuclear Society

Geological Society of America

International Medical Geology Association

Mineralogical Society of America

Radiochemistry Society

Society of Economic Geologists

Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration


Geology Careers and Jobs

ECOLAB careers

Indeed Geology Job Listing

Geological Society of America Geocorps

Misco (mining, oil, environmental)

NM State Personnel Office

UNC Career Center

US Dept of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook

USA Jobs (Federal)

Why Earth Science (Youtube video from AGI)


My Alma Mata and Hometown

Cal State Northridge (B.S. 1982)

Cal State Northridge Geology

University of Idaho (M.S. 1985; Ph.D. 1989)

University of Idaho Geology


Boston Celtics

Boston Red Sox

Gloucester, MA (my hometown)


Music Links - Hey, they're kinda rock-related

Gallien-Krueger Bass Amps

Delaney Guitars (my old friend Mike)

Rickenbacker Guitars

D'Addario Bass Strings

DR Bass Strings


Bass Player Magazine

Harmony Central


The Who gear list


My Photos

My Music

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