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 Papers and Peer-Reviewed Conference Abstracts

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Directed Senior Theses in Geology and Environmental Science

Tim Baker, 2016, Determining the Source of Manganese in Portales with Water Quality Testing and Analysis [ES]

Jessica Morgan, 2016, Comparison of Gujae Ash From Two Locations in New Mexico [ES]

Chase Bryant, 2016, Determination of Atrazine in Refuge and Urban Lakes of Eastern New Mexico and Western Texas [ES]

Jesus Adrian Gonzalez, 2016, Chemical Analysis of Caliche by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry [ES]

Amber Martinez, 2016, The Effectiveness of Bone Char and Coco Char for the removal of Fluoride and Phosphorus from Tap Water [ES]

Erin Justice, 2016, Comparative Analysis of Local Man-Made Lakes in Clovis, New Mexico

Roberta Gniech, 2015, Water Fluoridation Negatively Influences the Health of Aquatic Organisms A Critical Review [ES]

Delfin, Sara, 2013, Mineralogy and Grain Size Distribution of the Arch Lake Dunes, Roosevelt County, NM

Erik Geyer, 2013, Nitrate Contamination in the Vicinity of Borrow Pit, Portales, New Mexico

Katherine Hamilton, 2013, Fluoride Content of Water at Oasis State Park and Blackwater Draw Locality #1

Raelene Keesling, 2013, Characterization of Clay Minerals in North Central, Texas

Nathan Acker, 2012, Environmental Assessment of Surface Runoff in the Vicinity of the Portales Waste Water Treatment Plant

Seth Clabaugh, 2012, Fluoride Content in Water of Portales, New Mexico

Sierra Doherty-Cardenas, 2012, Sustainability and the Human Population

Casey Loofbourrow, 2012, Analysis of  Mineral Collection of Margaret Gross and Borate Minerals

Ryan Jackson, 2012, Using the GRIDVIEW Computer Program to Compare the Topographic and Crustal Thickness Signatures of Large Lunar Impact Basins

Wesley Burrow, 2007, Arsenic concentration in the Portales water system, east-central, New Mexico

Rebecca Nevins, 2005, X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence of Guaje ash near Fort Sumner, New Mexico

Stephanie Horne, 2004, Geochemical discrimination of groundstones

Jennifer Stovall, 2004, Technique and identification study on oriented clay minerals by X-ray diffraction

Huie Brown, 2000, Stratigraphic correlation by major element geochemistry, Blackwater Draw site, Roosevelt County New Mexico

Joseph Chapman, 2000, Determination of calcination of caliche by X-ray diffraction

Ryan Collins, 2000, Infrared spectroscopy of alteration minerals in the Nogal mining district: Identification of alteration assemblages

Sarah Kruse, 2000, Uranium minerals deposited on mammoth and bison bones at Blackwater Draw Archaeological site: Implications for water and air quality in Roosevelt County

Destini Baldonado, 1998, Trace element uptake by fir trees in the Nogal-Bonito mining district, Lincoln County, New Mexico

Robert Sisneros, 1996, Copper deposits of Pintada and Stauber mines, Guadalupe County, New Mexico

Kimberly Albert, 1995, Chemical characterization of New Mexico obsidian sources

Larual Cherednik, 1995, The petrography, geochemistry, and tectonic setting of Railroad Mountain, Chaves County, New Mexico

Cassandra Mocarski, 1995, Fluoride levels in the Ogallala aquifer of east-central New Mexico and select areas of western Texas

Karen Exton, 1992, Geology of the Bonito Lake stock

Graduate Theses (thesis chair or committee member with portions of research completed in my lab)

Raelene Keesling, 2016, X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Gun Shot Residue in Predicting Muzzle to Target Distance - in progress (Chemistry, Committee Chair)

Saichandra Bandi, 2016, Analysis of Water Used in Bioalgal Production - in progress (Chemistry, Committee Chair)

Christopher Young, Anthropology, in progress

Nicole East, 2014, Clay Mineralogy Variation in Classic Period Biscuit Ware Ceramics (Anthropology, Committee member - essentially all research done in my lab)

Santosh Erukula, 2013, Chemical and Mineralogical Characterization of Caliche (Chemistry, Committee Chair)

Andre LaFond, 2006, Exploring the utility of obsidian hydration data through great basin projectile points (Anthropology; Committee member)

Mikiko Nagayasu, 2004, Histomorphological alteration of bison bone during diagenesis in Clovis type site, Blackwater Draw, New Mexico (Anthropology; Committee member)

Jennifer Shapiro, 2002, Characterization of Six Group IV Metallocene Compounds (Chemistry; Committee member)

Becky Streeman-Dexter, 2000, Pressure dependence of infrared vibrations of Estane 5703 (Chemistry; Committee member)

Douglas Anderson, 1999, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy of Narbona Pass chert: A chemical characterization study (Anthropology; Committee member)

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