Past, Recent, and On-Going Research Projects

Geochemistry and Petrology of the Railroad Mountain Dike, Chaves County, NM

Oxygen isotope geochemistry of rocks in the Nogal-Bonito mining district, Lincoln, County, NM

Geochemistry and hydrothermal alteration of the Bonito Lake stock, Lincoln, County, NM

Publications, Presentations, Senior Research Projects, Master's Theses

Research Instrumentation and Support Facilities
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Polarizing Petrographic Microscope and Cameras

Nikon Optiphot polarizing petrographic microscope

Transmitted and reflected light capabilities

Lumenera Infinity 2 digital camera and Infinity Analyze software

Sony color CCD camera and monitor for demonstrations

Rigaku Supermini200

Benchtop WDXRF with 3 crystals, 2 detectors, 12 position sample holder and sample spinning capability

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Jordan Valley Applied Radiation EX-6500 EDXRF with primary and secondary excitation using Rh anode tubes

Quantitative and qualitative elemental analysis of solids, powders, slurries and liquids

Analysis of geological, chemical, archeological, industrial, and biological samples

XRF Sample Preparation Bench

Pressed pellet (X-Press) and borate fusion (Katanax K-1) sample preparation

Pellet Press

Spex 3624B X-press for pressed pellets

Pellets pressed at 25 tons of pressure

Katanax K1 electric fluxer for XRF glass disks

~ 2:1 Lithium tetraborate:lithium metaborate flux + lithium bromide

95% platinum + 5 % gold crucibles

Fusion performed at 1025 degrees C

Sample Melting in the Fluxer

Tilting of the Fluxer for Pouring

Red-hot disk at bottom is the mold

Molten Sample Being Poured Into Mold

The Cooled Glass Disk

X-ray Diffractometer

Philips PW1729 automated powder diffractometer (Cu tube)

Phase identification and characterization

Millipore Filter Setup

Produces oriented clay samples for XRD analysis

Water Chemistry Testing

Electrochemical and colormetric test equipment for testing drinking and environmental waters



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