Music with some of the folks I've played with-
from rock to big band jazz

Find a Way

Written by former ENMU student and bandmate Paz Romero.  For this song I was sent a scratch track and laid    down the bass track which was later incorporated in the final mix. Paz played all the other instruments on the track.

These Sins

This was also written by former ENMU student Paz Romero and recoded live by our band Rockaholix. Paz on lead guitar and vocals, Jeff Johnson on drums and Greg Zurzolo on rhythm guitar.


I wrote this song in 1978 when I was living in L.A. It was recorded while I was in the band Blackwater with Michael Manzanares on guitar and Tom O'Neal on drums. Recorded at Johnny Mulhair's studio in Clovis, NM in the mid 1990s. Played my Rickenbacker on this one.

Better Day

Killer song written by Michael Manzanares recorded at the same session with flight. Played my Ibanez on this recording.


Written by Richard Baysinger (guitar). Performed live by Eyes to Witness with Brandon Borio on drums at ENMU's Ground Zero. Played my Modulus with a bit of chorus on this one.

Loop 360
A Hit by Verese

In fall of 1999 I was asked to play in the ENMU Jazz Ensemble (student big band) directed by Bob Vistano. I had never really played jazz and hadn't read music in about 20 years. A Hit by Verese is an old Chicago tune and is a bit out there. Recorded live at ENMU.

Green Dolphin Street

In the fall of 2000 Chris Beaty joined the ENMU faculty replacing Vistano. Once again, I was asked to play bass in the ENMU Jazz Ensemble. Recorded live at ENMU.

Get Back In
New to NM

Chris Beaty also started the ENMU Faculty Jazz Players (photo below) in the fall of 2000 with Chris on sax, Neil Rutland on drums, Dustin Seifert on euphonium, John Kennedy on trumpet and Jorge Valenzuela on piano. New to NM was written by Chris and I have a short solo at about 3:44. Recorded live at ENMU. The ENMU FJP are now defunct.

Minor Swing

In 2002 Chris put together the High Winds Jazztet with Chris and Neil from the ENMU FJP along with Travis Erwin on guitar. Recorded at the Lamplighter studio in Portales, NM.







Blackwater at Cannon Air Force Base about 1996. Michael Manzanares on guitar and Tommy O'Neal on drums

Eyes to Witness

ENMU Ground Zero. Richard Baysinger on guitar and Brandon Borio on drums.

Faculty Jazz Players

Fall 2000


The Roosevelt Brew House, Portales




Eagle Bike Ralley, Clovis


Eagle Bike Ralley, Clovis

Paz and the War

Santa Rosa, NM, Sept 2015






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