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Abrams, William HPED Resource Faculty
Acheson-Brown, Daniel (Dr.) Associate Professor of Political Science
Ackerman, George (Dr.) SOCW Resource Faculty
Akers, Derek MUSC Resource Faculty
Allamehzadeh, Hamid (Dr.) Associate Professor of Technology
Andersen, Gillian (Dr.) Instructor of English
Andersen, William (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Physics
Andes, Brenton Dual Course Instructor
Aragon, Regina (Dr.) Professor of Mathematics
Arrington, Diane EDUC Resource Faculty
Atkinson, Janet CDIS Resource Faculty
Averill, Donald (Dr.) Retired PHSI Faculty
Ayala, Mary (Dr.) Assistant Dean of College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Bahr, Rosemary (Dr.) Associate Professor of Sociology
Balch-Lindsay, Virginia (Dr.) Asst VP Academic Affairs
Baldock, Kalynn FCSC Resource Faculty
Barlow, Matthew (Dr.) Associate Professor
Barnes, Megan LGLT Resource Faculty
Barr, Jonathan Asst Prof.
Barrow, Irene (Dr.) CDIS Resource Faculty
Bartl, Noelle Director Development
Bassett, Gary PPHSO Resource Faculty
Bassett, Susan (Dr.) Instructor
Beck, Anne (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Theatre
Beinlich, Stephanie Instructor
Bellin-Oka, Steve (Dr.) Assitant Professor of English
Best, Ina Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Birdsong, Ronnie Special Projects Coordinator
Birkey, Janet (Dr.) COMM Resource Faculty
Birky, G. Beth (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Blevins, Melissa (Dr.) Retired SOCI Faculty
Bond, Gary (Dr.) Assoc. Professor of Psychology
Bonds, Gerald Dual Course Instructor
Bougie, Nicole Instructor
Bradburn, Janice COBU Resource Faculty
Bratcher, Adrienne (Dr.) Instructor of Communicative Disorders
Breckel, Melanie Dual Course Instructor
Brinson, Hiram (Dr.) Asst. Prof.
Brock, Anna Lecturer of Elementary Education
Brown, Audra MATH Resource Faculty
Brown, Samuel (Dr.) HHSO Resource Faculty
Brown, Thomas (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Broz, Charles (Dr.) Associate Professor of FCS
Brust, Steven (Dr.) Asst Prof.
Bryant, Scott Dual Course Instructor
Burusnukul, Pattarapong (Dr.) Associate Professor
Caffrey, Edward COMM Resource Faculty
Caffrey, Tyleen Instructor
Calderon, Albert EDUC Resource Faculty
Caldwell, Patrice (Dr.) Exec Dir Planning & Analysis
Camarillo, Omar (Dr.) Asst. Prof.
Carr, Tracy (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Music
Casady, Johnny POLS Resource Faculty
Casciani, Roger Retired Faculty
Chavez, Yolanda PRHPE Resource Faculty
Cho, Youngkoo (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Biology
Church, Pamela Dual Course Instructor
Cole, Corey Instructor of I.S.
Compton, Staci SOCW Resource Faculty
Constantopoulos, Amiee PHPED Resource Faculty
Constantopoulos, James (Dr.) Associate Professor of Geology
Cooper, Kathleen Instructor of Nursing
Cooper, William (Dr.) Asst. Professor of Chemistry
Copple, Karen (Dr.) Assistant Professor of CDIS
Corbin, Deborah (Dr.) Asst. Professor of Accounting
Cordova, Laura HPED Resource Faculty
Costa-Guerra, Leslie (Dr.) CDIS Resource Faculty
Counts, Tracy POLS Resource Faculty
Cradock, Kenwyn (Dr.) Professor
Crockett, Michele (Dr.) Assoc. Prof.
Dal Porto, Mark (Dr.) Associate Professor of Music
Daugherty, Mark Dual Course Instructor
Daughrity, Mary (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Elementary Mathematics
Davis, Dale (Dr.) Retired MGML Faculty
Davis, Rebecca (Dr.) Professor
De La Rosa, Kelly Instructor
DeBesse, Cameron Assistant Football Coach
Dean, Jenny (Dr.) Asst. Professor
Diaz, Jodi HPED Resource Faculty
Do, Lilly LGLT Resource Faculty
Dobson, Patricia (Dr.) Instructor of Communication
Doherty, Ginger Dual Course Instructor
Donohue, Micah (Dr.) Assistant Professor of English
Drabbs, Mary (Dr.) Associate Professor of Physical Education
Duarte, Maria (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Ebie, Teresa Art Resource Faculty
Elder, Alta Outreach Coordinator
Elder, Donald (Dr.) Professor of History
Elswick, Clark VP Tech/System CIO
Elwell, Jeffery (Dr.) President
Emslie, Julia (Dr.) Retired EDUC Department Chair
Erf, William Greg Professor of Art
Ervin, Robin (Dr.) Associate Professor of Agriculture
Erwin, Carol (Dr.) Associate Professor of Englsh
Evaniuck, Jayson (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Figueroa Obregon, Rodrigo Assistant Professor
Filbrun, Jesse (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Finley, James (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Flanagan, Chris Dual Course Instructor
Fletcher, Carol Controller
Flores, Eugenia Instructor of Bilingual Education
Flynn, Cynthia EDUC Resource Faculty
Fridal, Jonathan Head Men's Soccer Coach
Frost, Everett (Dr.) ANPS Resource Faculty
Gallagher, Gregory (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Galloway, Sean Dual Course Instructor
Gamble, Steven (Dr.) Special Asst to the President
Gandonou, Jean-Marc (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Garcia, Natalie Dual Course Instructor
Garcia, Penny (Dr.) Dean Education
Gardner III, Albutt MUSC Resource Faculty
Garrett, Alan (Dr.) Professor of Education/Education Foundations
Gentry, Jeffery (Dr.) Dean Fine Arts
Geraci, Philip Retired ARTD Faculty
Gerlach, Jessica Asst Prof
Gies, Gerald (Dr.) Associate Professor of History
Gies, Linda (Dr.) Professor of History
Gilbert, Kathy SPED Resource Faculty
Gill, Leslie (Dr.) Associate Professor of Psychology
Gleason, Brett (Dr.) Asst. Professor of Counseling
Golem, Scott Assistant Professor
Gomez, David Baseball Coach
Good, Katherine (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Special Education
Gordon, Aaron Asst. Cross Country Coach
Gray, Akiko CDIS Resource Faculty
Greene, Frederick (Dr.) Assoc. Prof.
Greer, Opal Instructor
Griggs, Trisha CDIS Resource Faculty
Gurrola, Edward Dual Course Instructor
Hall, Sheree (Dr.) CDIS Resource Faculty
Hancock, Heather Art Resource Faculty
Hancock, Lori CDIS Resource Faculty
Haney, Matthew (Dr.) Asst. Professor of Management
Hardin, Melissa Instructor of Social Work
Hardin, Stephen COMM Resource Faculty
Harshey-Bischoff, Alice Instructor of Aviation Science
Hausman, Nicole POLS Resource Faculty
Hayes, Rayburn Paul COB Resource Faculty
Hemley, David (Dr.) Associate Professor of Finance
Hendershot, Cheryll Instructor of English
Hendershot, Scott Instructor
Hess, Kimberly SPED Resource Faculty
Hidalgo, Sandra Art Resource Faculty
Ho, Nhat Assistant Professor of Finance
Hunter, Jann (Dr.) Asst Professor
Hurtado De Vivas, Romelia (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education
Jarman, Kristi (Dr.) Assoc. Professor
Jennings, Durmon Asst. Women's Bsktball Coach
Jilek, Kay MATH Resource Faculty
Johnson, Alisia SPED Resource Faculty
Johnson, Mariah Dual Course Instructor
Judd, Lesley (Dr.) Asst. Professor
Jurado, Gloria Instructor of Spanish
Kallus, Mary (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Reading Education
Kavalunas, Jeff Head Cross Country Coach
Keeling, Bruce (Dr.) MUSC Resource Faculty
Klumpenhower, Buffie Dual Course Instructor
Kuhlmann, Kristin (Dr.) Director of Nursing
Kyser, Chase HPED Resource Faculty
LaCounte, Cheryl Instructor of Business Admin/Univ. Studies
LaPrade, Alayna CDIS Resource Faculty
Lacy, Michael (Dr.) COBU Resource Faculty
LakeFinch, Vickie Dual Course Instructor
Landess, Mark Assistant Professor of FCS
Lane, Chunchao (Dr.) Asst. Prof.
Langford, Benjamin Assistant Football Coach
Lassiter, Lonzo Instructor of Communication
Laubenthal, Jennifer (Dr.) Associate Professor of Music
Laurenz, Jamie (Dr.) VP Academic Affairs
Lebsack, Stephanie Instructor of CDIS
Lee, Kelley Head Football Coach
Lee, ShinHwa (Dr.) Asst Professor of Counseling
Lemmons, Sarah Assistant Athletic Trainer
Lingnau, Rachel (Dr.) Asst Professor
Liu, Chang (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Liu, Zhiming (Dr.) Associate Professor of Biology
Long, Jeffrey (Dr.) VP Student Affairs
Luhman, John (Dr.) Interim Dean COB
Maguire, Patricia Instructor of Computer Information Systems
Mali, Ivana (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Biology
Marden, Kerriann (Dr.) Asst Prof
Marta, Julian Dual Course Instructor
Martin, Jesse Instructor
Massey, Yetta Instructor
Mazid, Imran (Dr.) Asst Professor
McCreary, Patrick Instruct
McFadden, David (Dr.) RLGN Resource Faculty
McKittrick, Michael COBU Resource Faculty
McLaughlin, William Sports Information Director
Mccraw, Andrew Assistant Football Coach
Merritt, Brett Asst Baseball Coach
Miller, Cynthia (Dr.) Asst Prof
Miller, Kenneth MUSC Resource Faculty
Mitchell, Byron Instructor
Mitchell, Miles Dual Course Instructor
Moffitt, Bryan (Dr.) Asst Professor
Montes, Thomas Dual Course Instructor
Montgomery, John (Dr.) Professor of Anthropology
Moore, D'Layna Instructor of Mathematics
Muhlbauer, Maureen Mic Professor of Art
Nazario, Andy (Dr.) Summer Session Faculty
Neely, Renee (Dr.) Academic Services Specialist
Nelson, Lawrence Instruct
Newman, Danielle POLS Resource Faculty
Norcross, Robert PHSI Resource Faculty
Northcutt, Derek LGLT Resource Faculty
O'Hare, Donnie MUSC Resource Faculty
Olivas, Amanda Dual Course Instructor
Olsen, John (Dr.) Professor of Music
Owens, Colt Instructor of Communication
Pachak-Brooks, Cheryl Instructor of Music
Parboteeah, Dhanila (Dr.) Associate Professor of I.S.
Pasko, Brian (Dr.) Assoc. Professor
Paulk, Jason (Dr.) Professor of Music
Paulk, Kayla Instructor of Music
Peca, Kathleen (Dr.) Retired EDUC Faculty
Piepkorn, Gary RLGN Resource Faculty
Piepkorn, Judith Instructor of Nursing
Pollock, Darren (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Biology
Potters, Kimberly Instructor of Mathematics
Poyer, Inosia Head Women's Volleyball Coach
Prock, Joshua Head Women's Basketball Coach
Propes, Richard (Dr.) Retired MATH Faculty
Raley, Donald Instructor
Rhodes, Jade Assistant Softball Coach
Rizza, Michael (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Rizza, Robin LGLT Resource Faculty
Rizzio, Charles Asst. Football Coach
Roark, Ryan Director
Roe, Darrell (Dr.) Asst Professor
Roler Durand, Kathy (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Roller, Lynnette Instructor of Mathematics
Rollinson, Shirley (Dr.) RLGN Resource Faculty
Roselli, Irene BIOL Resource Faculty
Rucker, Patrick (Dr.) Retired THDN Faculty
Rutland, James Instructor of Music
Ryan, Michael (Dr.) Asst Prof
Sae, S W (Dr.) Retired PHSI Faculty
Salazar, Freddie HHSO Resource Faculty
Salley, Shannon (Dr.) CDIS Resource Faculty
Sanchez, Victoria (Dr.) Retired MGML Faculty
Saylor, Patricia Instructor
Scarbrough, Janeice Associate Professor of Theatre
Schmidt, Michelle HHSO Resource Faculty
Schneider, Robert (Dr.) Asst Professor of Management
Schwartz, Richard (Dr.) Associate Professor of Music
Segler, Russell Head Men's Basketball Coach
Seifert, Dustin Instructor of Music
Self, Elizabeth (Dr.) Associate Professor of Psychology
Self, Susanna (Dr.) MUSC Resource Faculty
Sena, Mindy SOCW Resource Faculty
Senn, Gregory Professor of Art
Sewell, Dag (Dr.) RLGN Resource Faculty
Shaughnessy, Michael (Dr.) Professor of Special Education
Shaw, Andre Assist Men's Basketball Coach
Shepardson, Rick Asst Prof
Sherman, Erin Instructor of CDIS
Sherwood, Travis (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Music
Shuler, Pamela MUSC Resource Faculty
Shuler, Sidney (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Sims, Gary Retired Faculty
Singh, Ajay (Dr.) Asst Prof.
Singletary, Carol Instructor of English
Smart, Scott VP Business Affairs
Smith, Darron (Dr.) Professor of Agriculture
Smith, Heather (Dr.) Asst Professor
Spence, Ryan Women's Soccer Coach
Stanley, Erik (Dr.) Asst. Professor
Starr, Chelsea (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Stockly, Sue (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Economics
Stone, Debra Instructor of Accounting
Streeter, Dale (Dr.) Professor of History
Sumption, Linda (Dr.) Assistant Professor of English
Swafford, Marshall (Dr.) Asst Prof
Sweeten, David (Dr.) Assistant Professor of English
Swift, Suzanne (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Communicative Disorders
Swigonski, Erynn HHSO Resource Faculty
Takieddine, Samer (Dr.) Asst Professor
Thompson, Wally (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Tian, Weizhong (Dr.) Asst Professor
Tollett, Carolyn Instructor
Varela, Ann Lecturer of Mathematics
Varela, Manuel (Dr.) Associate Professor of Biology
Varnado, Larry Ath Strength & Cond Coach
Villa, Beatriz ALC Faculty 9/10 mo
Viner, Mark (Dr.) Asst Professor
Vinson, Debra SPED Resource Faculty
Vintila, Simina (Dr.) Temp. Instructor of Biology
Von Tress, Larry Dual Course Instructor
Waggoner, Charles (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Education Administration
Waggoner, Greg (Dr.) Athletic Director
Wagner, Kathleen (Dr.) Asst Prof
Waldo, Kristin (Dr.) Asst Prof
Walker, Melveta Director Library Services
Wall, Sarah (Dr.) Associate Professor
Wallace, Konni Instructor of Accounting
Walton, Michael Assistant Football Coach
Wayman, Tyler Assist Men's Basketball Coach
Weems, Linda (Dr.) Associate Professor of Communicative Disorders
Welborn, Mary Women's Softball Coach
Whited, Sherel SOCW Resource Faculty
Whitney, Patricia (Dr.) Associate Professor of Reading/Literacy
Wiegel, Crista Instructor
Wilkerson, Dwayne Instructor
Wilks, Keith (Dr.) RLGN Resource Faculty
Williams, Mary Instructor
Willis, Jack Dual Course Instructor
Wood, William (Dr.) Retired MUS Faculty
Worthington, Theresa (Dr.) CDIS Resource Faculty
Xavier, Wlamir (Dr.) Asst Professor
Yan, Juchao (Dr.) Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Yoon, Youngmin (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Zachary, Elisa SOCW Resource Faculty
Zamie, Janelle MATH Resource Faculty
Zhang, Man (Dr.) Assistant Professor
Zimmerman, Emily CDIS Resource Faculty