The Classroom

This on-line class is available through the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week between August 27-December 14, so you can work at your convenience. The course is primarily a writing and discussion group format with both instructors monitoring participation, answering questions, directing discussions and supplying weekly discussion topics. Grading will be based on 16 short essays, 8 long essays, students regular participation in threaded work group discussions and 2 research papers.

The course will require the student to log-on three or four times a week to remain current with the course. Courseware, WebCT, will archive and date all written material. Archiving will allow both the student and faculty to quickly review both the quality and quantity of their participation. Instructors answer questions, participate in discussions, and evaluate assignments. Instructors also update course content to insure discussions stay on topic.

Each student who enrolls will need to purchase 2 textbooks and will be sent the logon information by email.

Computer Skills and Requirements

This course requires a minimum of the following common set of tools and skills. Students must be familiar with the basic operations of the computer such as uploading and downloading files software and familiar with basic internet browser functions.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

An Intel-based 266mhz Pentium PC, 100MB free hard drive space for direct connection , CD-Rom, 64MB or more of RAM, broadband prefered, 56k or faster modem. Vista,Windows NT, Windows 200x operating systems. Internet Explorer 5.0, or Netscape 5.0 or higher for working through a browser.

A Macintosh 200mhz compatible computer with System OS X, 100MB free hard drive space, CD-Rom, 128MB or more of RAM, broadband prefered, 56k or faster modem. G3,G4 or G5 with Safari 2.0 or Firefox 1.5 and higher is the only configuration currently working through a browser with WEBCT.

Writing Requirements and Guidelines

This is a writing course! The course will involve approximately 35 total pages of writing and 140 hours of work. It is estimated for every single written page the student will need to spend 4 hours of time: two hours reading material, one hour to write first draft and one hour to rewrite before the work is posted. These are general guidelines, but are offered to give students an understanding of the time commitment necessary for this 3 credit hour on-line course.

Plan on spending 6 to 10 hours a week to fulfill the requirements for this 16 week internet course. The requirements of this on-line course meet or exceed the contact hour guidelines set up by the NCA and NASAD for a 3 credit hour course for both General Education or Art credit.

Students will submit written documents on-line in three distinct areas: submission of weekly essay topics in discussion groups, posting responses to topics in discussion groups and writing two research papers submitted to the Faculty office .

Long essay topics posted biweekly in discussion groups

The class will be divided into work groups of 5 - 7 students. In this work group you will post a weekly short essay to discussion topics from the required reading that week. These essays will be a minimum of 400 words and will include 3 new terms from the text and/or other sources using your own words. These terms are extra requirements and do not have to relate to your essay.(8 short essays total-approx.12 pages)

Responses posted tri-weekly in discussion groups

Within your Work Group you will be required to make short responses to the short essays of 3 or more students in your group. These responses should be 100 words or less.(24 responses total-approx.8 pages)

Research papers sent to Faculty Office

Two research papers. The first paper will be a minimum of 5 pages long and is due at mid-term. The final research paper will be a minimum of 8 pages and is due at the end of the semester.(approx.13 total pages)

You will need to proof read your work for spelling and sentence structure. You can always type your answers in a word processing program and copy and paste into the courseware. If you can not write or type efficiently, this course is not for you. Grades will be determined by writing proficiency. Faculty must be able to understand your thoughts.

Check your browser

Access to this course is through a browser, which depending upon the modem speed and the computer can be poor to very good. Students with new computers and fast data transfer connections (broadband) will find accessing this course through a browser very good, while students using slower connections or computers will need to be very patient. Speed is relative, view the Demo course and see for yourself.

Click on the link below to check your browser to ensure that it is configured correctly. Link will show what upgrades or plugin are needed to tune up your Mac or PC. Check Your Browser in WebCT

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