Is this class for you?

On-line learning courses require a high degree of commitment on the part of the student. There are no structured meeting times, and no regular instructor contact. On-line learning means the student must be an independent and self-motivated learner. The role of the faculty is to observe the learning process of the students and participate when it is necessary.

On-line learning is not individualized instruction. The faculty expertise has been directed towards designing the best possible learning experience for the self-motivated. You will have access to your teachers for guidance and for specific questions. Use the Faculty Office to contact your teacher - they are there for you - but be aware that your instructor only directs you towards the proper information to answer the questions yourself.

A calendar of deadlines and due dates has been established for this course. If you follow these dates closely, completing assignments and required readings, your level of success in this on-line course will increase. If you tend to wait to the last minute to complete projects, or prefer learning where there is face to face personal interaction, this will not be a good college level learning experience for you.

We want you to be successful. The faculty have gone to great lengths to design a course that is convenient, challenging and one in which you will learn more than in any land based course. If distance learning is right for your learning style and fits your needs, this is an exciting way to learn.


How to Succeed

A key factor in ensuring your success is self-discipline. You will need to manage your time efficiently in order to complete the course in the allotted time. This is a writing intensive course and you will be writing the equivalent of 3-4 pages per week. I have found that those who are disciplined usually do very well. Learn to consider each discussion question with perceptive insight before responding. This will require that you read the assigned material and visit the www sites in making your preparations before posting your New Main Topic.

Also, you will need to assess the peer responses from your previous postings which will help you prepare for the next week of the course. Always feel free to contact the instructors at anytime through the on-line Faculty Office.

We realize you will not have the advantage of face-to-face classroom discussions with peers and faculty, but the material included and the design of this course will help negate this problem. The short essay discussion questions asked in relationship to the readings, responses and visits to www sites will provide you with the breadth of knowledge necessary to understand the complexities of the history of photography.

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