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This is the introductory webpage for an online Greek Textbook which I am in process of writing.
I would be grateful for comments and ideas - particularly from other teachers and from those who are trying to teach themselves Greek.
The cost of publishing a Greek textbook either through a commercial publisher or by self-publishing has escalated so mush that I have decided to publish this as .pdf files on the web.
It will be available for my students and for anyone else who wishes to learn Greek.
It may be freely downloaded and printed out.
I suggest that if you wish to use it as a textbook, you print the pages out and file them in a 3-ring binder.

Although I am making this generally available, it may not be used for commercial purposes.
I retain the copyright.

To view the .pdf files you will need a viewer such as Adobe Reader which is available for free download.

I started writing Greek resources before there was adequate support for Unicode fonts with the extended polytonic region for the wide range of accents used by ancient Greek.
I still recommend that my students use SPIonic for their written Greek assignments, since a Unicode Greek keyboard can be difficult to install and use.
However, for the .pdf files and for Web Pages in general, I am changing to a Polytonic Greek Unicode font.
If your computer has Unicode fonts already installed, you should see the Greek text correctly.
If your monitor shows some boxes instead of characters, you need to download and install a Unicode font which has the Greek accents. There are several of these available for free download.
Go here for Unicode fonts and resources
The font I plan to use is Cardo, but any Unicode polytonic Greek font should show the text correctly. Such fonts are Cardo, Gentium, Galatia SIL (not SIL Galatia, which is an older non-unicode font)
Newer versions of Times New Roman, Arial and Lucida Sans Unicode may also have the Greek accents.

The purpose of learning New Testament Greek is to read the Greek New Testament.
I recommend that you use this textbook in conjunction with a copy of the Greek New Testament which contains a dictionary bound in the back - you will always have a dictionary handy to look up words when you are reading the text.
Hence, I will probably not include a dictionary in the textbook, nor will I print sections from the New Testament for reading and translation, but will refer the student to the relevant passage in the New Testament.

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